Sunday 26 April 2020

Treatment of dengue with Homoeopathy

Each case of dengue will show different symptoms & will need different remedies. Here is one example.

Treated a case of dengue over the phone. Patient is 28 yrs old female dentist in Ahmedabad, living with doctor parents.
Said she had fever since 3 days in the evening with chilliness n thirst before n during fever. Wanted to eat tasty food. I gave ars alb 200 bd for 2 days. NS1 test was positive n platelets were 1.28 lacs. 
After 2 days fever continued, went upto 103. Wanted her room door to be closed so as to avoid noise. Didn't want to talk n got irritated if someone else talked. V feeble, lying with eyes closed. HA from tying hair. Thirst 1/4 glass at long intervals. Nausea from smell of food. So weak, can't get up to have water.  Her parents put her on IV fluids. Gave China 200, 3 hrly. In the evening, platelets dropped to 30,000.
Took history in detail. Mother said she is v sleepy but answers properly and goes back to sleep immediately . She is weak n tired, but alert, even with 104 fever she will tell her mom when IV fluid is about to get over.  Saw 2 rubrics
Talk indisposed to heat during
Delirium, answers correctly when spoken to, but unconsciousness returns at once.
Gave phosphoric acid 1M. Temperature went down, after 2 days--platelets 45000, next day one lac. After 3 days resumed work. I have seen patients who take Allopathic med take longer to recover, have lot of weakness, some have bad joint pains etc. Whereas patients with homoeopathic med recover faster. Can someone corroborate this fact ?

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